Escape Custom Supra Skytop Painted by Ecentrik Artistry

If there was a top list of customizers putting out new work at a rapid pace Elom of Ecentrik Artistry would be near the front of that list. Elom’s latest piece is away from his usual Nike base shoe of choice, being his first work on a pair of Supra Skytop skateboarding shoes. Never one to shy away from very detailed reasons for his designs, Elom wanted to create something that represented feeling stuck and needing to “get away from it all”, whether it be a short break or a long term lifestyle change. Here in his own words is what the hand painted graphics and colors represent:

The face on the side depicts a person trapped in the “hum drum” looking to break free of whatever stress & frustration they feel is holding them down as they want to break thru the barrier that stands in their way (depicted by the line pattern overlapping the face).  The person desires that relieving getaway that will bring them the peace of mind they desire (represented by the rest of the shoe, which has a colorful scheme that brings a feeling of revitalization).

If your looking for a change or want to reward yourself or someone else for their courage to revitalize for the better a pair of these Supras that took on their own change from bland all white to vibrant yellow, orange, and turquoise seem like they’d do the job well.

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