Eminem Custom Shoes Perfect For Any Stan by HanziCustom

This pair of Eminem custom shoes goes a different route than the few limited edition Air Jordan’s the rapper has had his name behind. A reputation as one of the greatest to ever grace the mic, has lead Eminem a rare opportunity to take on creating colorways of classic Air Jordans, namely the AJ IV. The few colorways have fit the rappers typical subdued clothing choices. But in a term that the Slim Shady coined, this pair seems more of what a “Stan” would wear.  How many people would actually wear a shoe with their own photo on it? Probably not many. But we’re not here to pass judgement on what another grown adult chooses to wear on their feet. To be honest we’d love to see more people open to a pair of customs like this.

Hanzi Product, based in China, took the Stan concept to this pair of previously all black Nike Air Force 1 hi tops. Made up of just shades of white and gray this pair was painted in variEminem-theme details including his logo and silhouette portrait. Extra lettering highlights of his birthdate, infamous 8 Mile, album titles and other logos complete this pair. If custom sneakers were as prominent back in 2000 as they are today, a pair like this could have easily made an appearance in the Stan video.

You can send inquiries to and view more work from Hanzi Product here on Instagram.com/hanzicustom

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