Elephant Print or Cement Air Jordan VI Custom by El Cappy Customz

Some people are sick of it, some people would never think it looks “cool” just because they do not know it’s origins. In the shoe customization world elephant print is nothing new (that has probably been said in previous “elephant print” custom posts here on PaintOrThread). Heck the correct title of the print is still mixed up with it’s original colorway of “cement” grey on the Air Jordan III. Regardless if you name it after a composite construction material or the largest land mammal, it has had a huge impact in the shoe customizing history books being one of the earliest prints shoe customizers started to recreate on shoes. Not everyone has recreating the look down like the factory Nike print: some are on point, others put their own spin, and others are obviously lazy and nowhere near and still have the gall to call it so. The question is will we ever see the end of it? Probably not and that is okay. Heck even this past couple weeks has seen two pairs of just Air Jordan VI with the print used in “True Blue III” style and accented by black suede.

The third pair of that good run and second by this customizer is a AJ VI titled “Cement 6″ by El Cappy Customz. Technically the print IS elephant print but the clever staging of these photos makes “cement” fine and dandy. El Cappy used the Air Jordan VI “Motorsports” as the base shoe that originally has the elephant print on the liner and essentially extended it to cover the entire outer upper. A little addition of red and gold on the eyelets to match the tongue lettering and a simple concept is conducted very well. What if Tinker Hatfield used pig hair on the AJ III instead of elephant print, where would we be?

Contact El Cappy Customz for your own “Cement 6” via his Twitter page here: https://twitter.com/#!/EricMafuknLowry

Air Jordan VI Motorsports before customization by El Cappy. Image via Sneakernews