Getting back to his roots tastemaker Dr. Romanelli known mostly for his reconstructed designs of vintage apparel that has led to numerous collaborations with big brands has started a new line of custom shoes to kick off a diy streetwear think tank by the name of The Pancake Epidemic. Sticking to his decon-recon process DRx has teamed up with Los Angeles, California based shoe cobbler Raul Ojeda of Willies Shoe Service to create a line of bespoke style Converse.

This is the first pair of the line that started off as a turf green and white Converse Pro Leather. Through a half way deconstruction process, meaning the green suede uppers were kept, the biggest changes were made in the addition of a few shades of premium brown leathers with contrast stitching to the lace panels, tongues, heels, and toes. The lace panels were also graced with brass eyelets and the cupsoles restitched with brown threading to complete the premium transition.

Stay tuned with PaintOrThread.com for the next pair and see more of the DRx headed streetwear thinktank via their site ThePancakeEpidemic.com and don’t forget to follow him on Twitter at @DRxRomanelli

Images via: DrRomanelli.com