@DubStepSlap415 Shares His Nike Lebron Custom Shoe Collection


The phenomenon of the Internet’s “unpacking” video is somewhat of a mystery. Do people really enjoy watching others open up their new purchases? The answer is yes. Search the latest popular product be it sneakers or some tech product and numerous videos appear with countless views. One guy that has taken the sneaker unpacking video by storm is DubStepSlap415. On a regular basis his Sneakerhead Saturday vids showcase his latest cops of sneakers, t-shirts and related items to 56000+ subscribers. What gives his sneaker interest some credibility with PaintOrThread is his often highlighted custom sneaker purchase. Many can say they have the latest Lebrons, a few can say they have a custom Lebron but not many have enough customized Lebron Nike sneakers to consider it a collection. 14 pairs and that is just the Lebrons!

Checkout the video below of DubStepSlap415 sharing his Nike Lebron custom purchases from the likes of ElCappy, AMAC Customs, RoM, Lancer Customs, Mache, GourmetKickz, SmoothTip, and Sab One.