Drippy Air Jordan 1 Chicago Custom by Illiunaire


When people started customizing their sneakers it was out of a desire need to stand out. For the most part all had a usually white leather shoe with maybe an accent color on the logo. This goes back into the early 1980s. Now you can still stand out with a simple off the shelf sneaker but for the Air Jordan fiends lucky enough to get a pair through a campout, raffle, bot(shame on you) or a lucky Internet connection it can still be annoying to see someone else rocking the same exact thing. So if you can’t leave them on ice for months or years, maybe this is something you can be down with.

Just this past weekend this Air Jordan 1 “Chicago” released in as close to original form the public has seen for the first time since 1994. Down to the Nike tongue tags. While many Jordan purists would probably choose against this simple addition made by Illiunaire, personally I dig them. The black accents of the Nike Swoosh and Jumpman logo now appear as a overly painted street sign that gravity has won the battle as the excess paint drips down to the soles.

Chances are others will take on this simple un-signature style addition by Illiunaire. But if you cannot yourself, inquiries can be made to the artist on Instagram: @Illiunaire