Dragon Ball Z Goku Nike Air Force 1 Custom Shoes by ST!ZO

Chicago based shoe customizer and all around graphic artist ST!ZO is back again with his new format of showcasing his custom sneakers to fight against the stealing of custom shoe designs by bootleg factories: a preview shot and YouTube video. This pair was a take on the main character of Dragon Ball Z, Goku. ST!ZO and his customer worked together to decide upon a design that would show 4 stages of Goku’s transistion as a youth to an adult. DBZ has a pretty interesting history in its transition to being presented to the American audience, the show was actually dubbed from original episodes with a good portion edited out because of blood, foul language, and nudity. Read more of the story here: Dragon Ball

To commission your own pair of Dragon Ball Z custom shoes by ST!ZO visit his site here: STIZOMedia.blogspot.com