Diversitile: Custom “Virus” Nike Blazers

One of the best things about custom shoes and sometimes the worst is you can literally take anything and translate it into custom shoe form. Any subject as long as the customizer finds it ethical or worth their time is fair game. The guys behind Diversitile pride themselves in being able to bring the customer’s idea to life on the shoes, no matter how strange, open, detailed, or complicated it may be. They met that goal with this pair of custom Nike Blazers titled “Virus”. In Diversitile’s words:

The shoes portray himself fighting off a army of evil viruses, with his own army of antibiotics, fluids, and scalpel by his side. Of course, our initial reaction was “WOW, what a crazy idea!”, but we sat down and came up with a comic book style rendition of his concept. Basically transforming him into a “Wound Care Specialist” Superhero!!

Contact Diversitile if you think you have an crazy idea for a custom shoe HERE