These Desert Storm Camo Air Jordan 1s Would Sell Out Instantly

Can you name a better camouflage look on sneakers than desert storm camo? The numerous versions of camouflage have been a prominent theme in custom sneakers since the mid-2000s. While many attempts of the desert storm variety have been made by customizers, Air Jordan and Supreme topped the trend with the official release of the AJ V collaboration in 2015. That was followed by many customizers ripping the camo and Supreme logo look to various sneakers for extreme levels of repetitiveness across the board. But these Air Jordan 1s by kennyc187 were kept free of any Supreme branding and for that, they really win.

A pattern that was used by the US Armed Forces from the early 1980s to mid-1990s, notably during the Gulf War, was painted upon the 1985silhouettehoutte. Smallest sections of the camo print are in line with the rest of the sneakers that were kept black and white. Just enough of the camo graces the toe box and heel sections for a bit of style without overpowering the entire shoe.

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