Decon-Recon Puma Low Customs by Sharp020

If only shoe customizers could put out work weekly, heck even monthly. It has been a while but Sharp020 has graced us with another super clean decon-recon custom this time via a pair of Puma Suede Lows. Sharp020 went “green” on this pair using a faux suede called Sensuede that is sustainable and made entirely from recycled polyester fibers. The suede was used for the majority of the upper in hyacinth while the Puma stripes and back panels a graphite tumbled leather was his choice to complement the shade of purple and the gold stitching. Oh yeah the stitching…how? Yep it is custom embroidered too and looks like it was done in a Puma factory. What started off as a regular pair of Pumas was deconstructed and using pretty much just the sole as the base is now a 1 of 1 design yet subtle…still one of a kind.

For more photos or to order your own 1 of 1 design from Sharp020 checkout his site here: