Dave White’s Custom Air Jordan 1 Would Make Sneakerheads Cry

If you looked solely at Instagram we seem to be in an age that everyone just wants the next release, last weeks hype is forgotten, and wearing one pair of shoes over and over is abnormal. But this? This is just outright crazy-insane-madness, right? Artist and designer, Dave White, known to many in the sneaker world for his different Nike canvas’ and Air Jordan collaborations shared a peek over the summer at one of his longest running projects: A pair of black and red AJ 1’s covered in layers of dripped and splattered paint from working on countless paintings.

If having a huge collection of sneakers is a love and passion for footwear, so are these. Doing what he enjoys for hours on end for who knows how many years now in a pair he loves. These shoes have seen much more than any closet of kicks. These shoes have lived. Let your shoes live too.

You can see the actual intended work of Dave White at: http://davewhiteart.com/


image via: @DaveWhiteStudio


Image via: @linzarella_pixs