Dallas Cowboys Custom Shoes: Nike Air Force 1, Blazer, Vans and Adidas

Given the history of signature shoes by Dallas Cowboys players, like Deion Sanders and Emmitt Smith, you’d think there would be a good number of custom sneakers too. It seems as if Cowboys fans just might not be as big a sneaker fans as those of the Pittsburgh Steelers or Green Bay Packers. One thing those Cowboys fans do have is the 2nd longest Thanksgiving Day game behind the Detroit Lions. Dallas started playing the annual holiday game back in 1966 after the NFL looked asked for another team to host the annual Thanksgiving Day game, while every other team declined and decided a Thursday game would somehow hurt their momentum. I wonder how many teams would have said “Yes!” knowing what they know today about football and America? Dallas fans checkout these custom sneaker and comment with your favorite. To purchase any style or contact the artist check out the link in their description.

Kids Cowboys Vans Slip-on painted by Tiffany Minkus

“How ‘Bout Them Cowboys” with mascot Rowdy Nike Blazers painted by D@ Prince Customs

Cowboys logo fabric Nike Air Force 1 by Casey Custom Sneakers

Big Star logo Cowboys Adidas Superstars painted by D@ Prince Customs