Customs In Game: Li Ning Way of Wade 2.0 by Mache Customs

Last season Dwayne Wade rocked a vibrant pair of Li Ning Way of Wade 1.0 customized by Mache Customs. The result was a significant win on Miami’s road to a 2nd straight NBA Championship. This time around though the design is a bit more simple while the games outcome isn’t what the Miami Heat had hoped for. Stephen Curry and the Warriors were a bit much for Miami to handle last night at home with Golden State winning 123 to 114. Wade’s 22 points just weren’t enough as 136 was the most points put up on the Heat this season.

For the first half Wade sported what you see below: a pair of Way of Wade 2.0s that were previously black and painted mostly red by Mache. The shiny finish was accented on the ankles with Mache’s signature reverse of the Li Ning logos.

Do you think we’ll get a chance to see Wade wear another Mache Custom in Game this season? You can check more work from Mache at



Before and After customization:


Before customization:



Photo via: MiamiHerald (credit: David Santiago)