Customizer Workspace Wednesday with MonsterMac Designs


If you are up on your sneaker-customizer-following-Instagram-game or diehard Vans fan you likely know the name MonsterMac Designs and his plethora of accurately detailed Vans customizations. He often shares progress shots of each 1 of 1 pair he creates on a nearly daily basis. To kickoff the revival of Customizer Workspace Wednesday’s MM has allowed PaintOrThread to share with the rest of the world where boring all white canvas kicks become one of a kinda wearable MonsterMac Designs.

So Jordan how long have you been customizing? 

Been customizing since 2010. Strictly Canvas. Mostly Vans by choice. But have been into art of all kinds since a very young kid. Maybe 4yrs old. My mother was very creative as well as both of my grandfathers. They were wood workers so I was always surrounded by someone creating.

How long has this current workspace existed? How much time do you spend here on an average week? Is it always so organized?

Had my work space for a couple of years. Started out sitting wherever the light was good throughout the house. I work in my living room to keep from totally secluding myself from my fam. It gets reorganized once a week since all week I’m all over it making a mess but generally it’s in order unless I’m working. I spend 40+ hours a week over 7 days painting. I work a day job as a Gas Turbine mechanic 9+ hrs a day.



Those that follow your work know Vans Slip Ons are your “creme de la creme” when it comes to your choice of base shoes. We see the iconic checkerboard pair on the floor and ON the wall. You must be a big Fast Times and Jeff Spicoli fan. When did you first see the film and does it have any impact on you getting into customs?

YES Fast Times has always been a favorite movie I put above all. Love it! Been watching that movie since I was really young maybe late 80s early 90s when I first saw it. No real impact on me getting into customs though. Always sported Vans though. Loved shoes forever. Always had a mix of shoes but lots of Vans. I was encouraged to do shoes by my wife after a pair I did with sharpie. They took way too long and she pushed me to use brush and just try it. Been at it since with her major support helping raise 4 little girls while I do all this to support my family. I don’t do it to get rich at all. I love doing it and truthfully none of my earnings are saved, they strictly are used to support my family.


Finally if you had to spend a year on a tropical island and could still customize (given an unlimited supply of shoes and stuff like Internet access) what are 5 things from the workspace you’d take with you?

Stuck on an island….Hmm…Well I’d have a case of various sized brushes to paint with. Pencils and sharpeners to sketch on the shoes, some rags , acrylic paints and at the least some acrylic sealer. And an island may mess with creativity so def some books from some favorite artists like Mike Giant, Craola, and Jim Phillips to jar up some ideas and get my brain going, looking through stuff like that during sticking points help.


Big thanks to Jordan of MonsterMac Designs for taking the time to share where his customizations come to life and answer a few questions. You can contact him to order your own customs at: and follow him on Instagram: @MonsterMacDesigns and Twitter: @MnstrMacDesigns