Custom Vans for Jesse James by Bombshell Deluxe

In any attempt to make an impact as an artist a consistent style is one proven way to reach success. Throw in at least a bit of originality and if the work is good, happenings of equivalent value will likely follow. In custom sneakers this idea is only getting more and more crucial as the number of people giving customizing a shot continues to grow. With more involved there is less room for original style. Although we still feel like there is still lots of opportunity to stand out.

One great example of sticking to a consistent style is the work of Bombshell Deluxe. This woman knows what she is doing. Evidence is clear in this pair for custom bike extraordinaire Jesse James of West Coast Choppers. The once all white Vans slip ons have been graced with an extremely clean airbrushed feather and stripe motif in black and silver against a metallic blue background. The back features the tagline of James’ tattoo, “Pay Up Sucker $” that he has on the palm of his right hand. #Custom.

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jesse-james-custom-vans-bombshell-deluxe-painted-2 jesse-james-custom-vans-slipons-bombshell-deluxe-painted