Custom Vans Canvas Shoes Dressed Up As Nike Dunks Video

Something like these Vans Authentics custom painted with a panel silhouette of a Nike Dunk low are probably the closest thing we will ever get to major shoe company X major shoe company collaboration. The occasion would have to be really special if sneakerheads were ever given the chance to wait in line for a Nike Adidas shoe, Vans Converse, or maybe a Reebok Puma? Even though Nike and Jordan Brand are the same company their shoes have for sure taken their own identity over 25 years now. But one could consider the Air Jordan and Nike Air Force 1 Fusion the closest to big shoe brand X big shoe brand collabo.  Though I think rap artist Curren$y put the Air Jordan Fusion line into perspective of many sneakerheads…metaphorically speaking that is.

At the least these would make people take a second or third look….”Like when did Vans come out with Nikes?”