Custom True Blue Air Jordan III Nike Air Force 1 by Mizzee Customs

Like many I’ve never been much of a fan of Nike’s hybrid shoe designs, especially the Air Jordan and Air Force 1 Fusions. A hybrid just seems like a real easy concept for a billion dollar sneaker company to mash to models together with zero new design or creativity. Of course I’m biased but when customizers used the hybrid concept it was really interesting. Well we can’t really know if Nike had the Fusion/Hybrid idea themselves or if they took it from shoe customizers all we have is the evidence that shoe customizers used the idea years before Nike released the concepts.

With that said these are much more attractive than the official AF1 X AJ III Fusion because it kept the true lines of the Air Force One and place the Air Jordan III features to fit that silhouette. Instead of pasting the AF1 sole on the AJ III upper. And customs will always be > than any GR, limited, hyper-striker whatever sneaker to me. But what do I know..enough babble…Mizzee brought the legit painted elephant print once again these hand painted True Blue Air Jordan III inspired Nike Air Force 1s…blue, elephant print, Air Jordan logo, white leather, and the red eyelets. More of a tribute than a hybrid mashup disaster.

To have Mizzee create your own custom Air Jordan tribute custom sneaker visit his website here: