Custom Sneaker Chronicles EP 6: Jacob Patterson Interview


Whether you’ve been customizing sneakers for over a decade or are itching to give customizing a shot this podcast should definitely get you more excited about where customs have come and what might be ahead. In this talk Mike Miscannon of @RedRibbonRecon and myself sat down with Los Angeles based customizer and art gallery manager Jacob Patterson. Patterson’s custom sneaker work is recognizable for the documentation on YouTube that he shared when he started in the mid 2000s. Over the past couple years he has moved away from customizing as his main focus while still working on occasional projects that come about as the result of living in a city such as LA.

We chat about Patterson’s entry to customs, some of his significant work with recognizable people and brands, and his goals for the future of customs. Below are specific customs of Patterson’s that are mentioned and a few others from different artists.

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Find Pattersons work online here:

@jmjpatterson and 

AF1 by Andre Trenier that inspired Patterson to customize.


Custom cleats for Brian Wilson

brian-wilson-giants-all-star-game-custom-cleats-1 brian-wilson-custom-nike-cleats-jacob-patterson-4

Metal Gear Solid custom sneaker series


Bill Watterson’s Calvin and Hobbes tribute Nike Blazer


Barak Obama Nike Air Force 1 by Van Monroe from 2008