Custom Shoes On Sale from: Ecentrik and Sekure D

Have you been wanting to purchase a custom sneaker to stand out from the crowd and wear something no one else will truly have? Or looking for a custom shoe but your budget is a little low? Take a look at the sales on a good number of hand painted custom shoes from Ecentrik and Sekure D.

Ecentrik has 3 pairs of custom Nikes currently On Sale in mens and womens sizes. They will be at these prices until 12-31-2010, and discontinued after this date. Buy them here: Ecentrik’s OnlineShop

Sekure D is offering 11 different pairs of custom Nike, Supra, and Globe sneakers at an exclusive sale price to members of his Facebook page a week before it is completely public via his website. Most are marked 50% off of his original price. Checkout the prices here: Sekure D’s Facebook Fan Page. Send him a an email to purchase: [email protected].