Custom Painted Football Cleats Banned by NFL?

To add to the excitement of the NFC Championship game Seattle Seahawks running back Marshawn Lynch was prepared to rock a pair of gold painted cleats courtesy of SolesBySir. After having already made cleats for hundreds of NFL players the past two seasons and even having some worn by Seattle in last years Super Bowl SolesBySir and Lynch likely did not expect the statement the NFL released regarding this pair of Nike Vapor Speed Mids.

The cleats painted with a combination of gold paint and 24k gold flakes spread across the Interwebz last week. Before the NFC Championship game it was made public by the NFL that if Lynch were to wear the golden football cleats he would be ejected from the game. The Seahawks do not have gold in their uniform so that means they would violate the NFL’s uniform code which requires them to be made of the teams colors, black and or white. So technically the NFL is only requiring Lynch to abide by the rules set in place despite his history of league fines and violations. Although this situation sets precedence as typically the player would be fined after the game not threatened with a game ejection.

So the question at hand is how much further can customized cleats go in the NFL? Will non matching colors warrant instant ejection or was this ruling simply based on Marshawn Lynch’s reputation with league officials?

More custom football cleats from SolesBySir can be seen on Instagram: @SolesBySir