Custom Olympic Nike Air Jordan VII by FreakerSneaks

What brand of shoes really got the whole “sneaker” thing a jolt? Every answer should be the Nike Air Jordan line. Obviously the line probably would not have been possible if there was not already some love and market for sneakers as paved by Converse, Pro Keds, adidas, Puma, Nike, and Reebok before 1985 and when that Michael Jeffrey Jordan guy was drafted by the NBA. Since 1985 the Air Jordan line has released one expertly designed and crafted signature model, every year a shoe that has essentially been complete despite what popular opinion may say. So among the fans of Jordan Brand custom Air Jordans have never really been received very well because of the onslaught of counterfeit Jordans and how detailed the models have usually been, making any successful customization difficult. Personally I find it refreshing to see a pair of custom Air Jordans, because it is easily going to be a base shoe sparingly used and it takes some good skills to pull it off. So regardless of ones skills every shoe customizer is taking a chance when it comes to using Air Jordans as a base shoe.

FreakerSneaks a shoe customizer based in Athens, Greece recently took one of  those chances on a pair of Nike Air Jordan VII and came out on top. Using the Olympic colorway made famous as the shoe Jordan wore in the 1992 Olympics as part of the Dream Team FreakerSneaks hand painted two images of Jordan in his #9 jersey from those Olympic games. The right shoe is Jordan from behind going for a slam dunk  and the left shoe Jordan is driving to his left to probably score against.  Since Jordan is a very familiar figure the smallest bit of being “off” is easily noticed when his image is recreated by an artist, thankfully that is not the case here, each picture pretty much on point. And to leave no doubt as who the artist is FreakerSneaks added his name in gray against a matching silver on the back panels. It is kinda funny to think that Nike made these shoes with silver panels on them, wouldn’t it have been fitting to stick to gold because of what it represents during the Olympics, and the Dream Team’s goal they eventually reached?

Too buy your own pair of Custom Air Jordan VIIs checkout SneakerFreaks via his facebook page here: FreakerSneaks on Facebook