Custom Nike Lebron 7 PS “Bumble Bee” by MDVL

There has been the Nike Lebron VII custom inspired by the Bugatti Veyron created by Mizzee Customs but what about a Volkswagon Beetle? Surely that design could end up being weird but not when it is executed by a creative decon-recon customizer like MDVL from the Philippines. MDVL gave a whole new look to the Nike Lebron 7 PS which was the secondary model of the Lebron VII made to be a more light weight asset for Lebrons long season and playoffs.

Created for the owner of a custom Volkswagon Beetle with a carbon fiber hood and yellow body the decon-recon design used those same two features. Carbon fiber textured material was used on the majority of the upper actually leaving in the shoes performance flywire for support. Next the mudguard area around the toes and edge of the midsole was replaced with an vibrant yellow made of elk leather. The midsoles were given a splatter painted finish and yellow contrasting stitching was used on the carbon fiber material for added details. The final piece to complete the match to the inspired car are the VW emblems on the back heels. Different but a 1 of 1 in a few ways: only Lebron 7 PS decon recon custom and only custom inspired by a VW Beetle. Can you think of anymore 1 of 1 these might fit?

For your own decon-recon custom shoes inspired by your car email MDVL: [email protected] or visit his Facebook page here: