Custom Nike Dunk UP! Shoes @RedRibbonRecon and @Diversitile

The 2009 Disney Pixar film “UP” gets reinterpreted into a Nike Dunk in this custom collaboration between Red Ribbon Recon and Diversitile. In the movie Carl Frederickson’s house takes flight on an adventure with young Wilderness Explorer Russell by the help of thousands of helium filled balloons. The obvious inspiration of this custom design is provided by a complex yet simple approach. Starting with the mid panel to the heels Red Ribbon Recon constructed a seemless upper of balloons under a vinyl covering. White Swooshes, a pair of red metallic heel strips, and faux suede liners finish up the reconned details. Diversitile lent their skills by hand painting a blue and white sky scape on the toes up to the lace panels.

This design sample is a 1 of 1 that is available to be recreated one more time to the highest bidder in their desired size via an eBay auction here: Diversitile’s eBay Auctions. You can check more work from both customizer brands on Instagram: @RedRibbonRecon and @Diversitile






**This shoe is in no way affiliated or associated with Disney, Pixar, and/or the movie “Up”. This is purely an one-off artistic interpretation and is being sold as art, and is not and will not be available for commercial resale.**