Brian Wilson’s Custom LA Dodgers Nike Cleats by Jacob Patterson


It’s not just basketball and football players that are wearing Customs In Game, it happens out on the diamond too. Specifically the pitcher’s mound is where these two pairs of Nike baseball cleats will be seen on the feet of Los Angeles Dodger Brian Wilson. Wilson reached out to Jacob Patterson once again to get his likeness on his Nikes. Those in the know may remember Brian Wilson’s “Fear the Beard” custom Nikes from the 2011 All Star game. This time though one each was made for home and away games in the combo of his current Cali team’s blue and white color scheme.

The home pair began all black and gray to become nearly all blue in the colorblocking to match the MLB’s rule of shoes needing to be 50% of the teams main color. Each shoe’s lateral side features a portrait of Wilson from this past season in LA. The medial sides feature a painting of former Dodger Tommy John to represent Wilson’s two recoveries from Tommy John elbow surgery while the other is an iconic image of the late Johnny Cash flipping the bird at the San Quentin Prison to photographer Jim Marshall. In fact the actual middle finger is slightly covered by the surrounding clouds to keep the MLB from fretting according to Patterson since Wilson’s history of outlandish shoes are a main reason for the 50% rulings. Further details of those clouds, LA and his number 00 complete the home theme.

As for the away joints they matched the teams gray unis beforehand so Patterson chose to paint the portraits in bluescale for more pop to any onlookers. Once again two images of Wilson grace the sides. One pitching and the other with him depicted throwing up his crossed arms, with a fist and one finger up, looking toward the sky in honor of his religion and his father who famously passed when Wilson was 17. While LA, 00, and clouds give life to the medial sides behind the Nike Swooshes for a complete piece.

Wilson wore the home pair yesterday against the Rockies but with the LA Dodgers having a solid chance to reach the 2013 World Series you should see these both in action during the MLB playoffs over the next few weeks. To order your own custom cleats from Jacob Patterson contact him through and follow him on Instagram: @JMJPatterson





Brian Wilson’s custom Nike baseball cleats in the away colorway:






Brian Wilson in action in his custom home cleats September 29th vs Colorado shot by @JohnJohn81