Custom Nike Air Max Lebron VII French Blue Bugatti Carbon Fiber 3m Shoes

What do you really know about a Bugatti Veyron? Other than you’ll probably never own one let alone drive one. So why not get some kicks to show the love for the car you can only dream about? Back in January Mizzee Customs put out some Bugatti inspired Nike Air LeBron VIIs since Lebron James mentioned that was his favorite car and even he felt the $1M price tag was out of his range(hard to believe). So after creating the carbon fiber looking Lebrons Mizzee got some criticism for them not being aligned with Bugatti’s signature shade of blue. So what does he do? Makes them in french blue with the carbon fiber paint job, and a subtle reflective panel similar to the often used 3m Scotchlite reflective material. Oh and the tongue tag has the red Bugatti just like the grill. Detail and YES for another multiple colorway custom shoe.

To order your own pair of Bugatti Lebrons visit Mizzees website: