Custom Milwaukee Brewers Air Jordans and Nikes by Noelitoo

When it comes to fans of the Milwaukee Brewers, Noelitoo of None Above has the team about making beer on lock. It’s hard to argue a better reason to have a pair of custom sneakers than to represent your favorite Major League Baseball team. 162 games a year, and a few more if you’re lucky, that you could make a reason for wearing your custom kicks. Realistically if you go to 4 or 5 games a year some Air Force 1’s decked out in your baseball club’s colors will be making you one of the more legit fans in attendance.

Using the brighter colors of yesteryear, Noelitoo outfit both the Air Jordan 1 and Air Force 1 with their old gold and blue. The toes feature airbrushed placement of a bat and ball motif. Next, the classic MB ball glove mitt covers the majority of the back uppers. Someone even got their kiddo looking right for nights out at Miller Park in their own mini custom painted Brewers AF1s!

More work from Noelitoo and inquiries for your own custom order can be made on Instagram at

Milwaukee Brewers custom kids shoes

Milwaukee Brewers Custom Air Jordan 1 by Noelitoo

nike air force 1 milwaukee brewers custom by noelitoo