Custom Iron Man Nike Dunk with Arc Reactor & Stark Industries Briefcase

J’Field Yeo of finished up a clean Captain America custom shoe a few months ago and his most recent theme is another comic book character turned movie star. This character we have seen a few times and this pair is almost an inadvertent(or maybe not) case of combined deja vu. In the last year Diversitile and emmanueLabor created Iron Man themed Nike Dunks with light up effects inspired by his eyes or arc reactor and this pair¬† combines those two concepts.

J’Field based the upper on the iconic gold and red metal finish of Tony Stark’s robot armor. Then the arc reactor concept was accomplished with a rather large circular white lighted piece on the tongues. To finish up rectangles were actually cut into the back heels and filled with light up LEDs to achieve Iron Mans signature eyes as the rest of the back panel area around them was painted to look like his helmet. Because custom shoes are never enough J’Field created his own life size light up arc reactor and a Stark Industries briefcase. Whether or not J’Field was inspired by those other two customizers doesn’t really matter because it is refreshing to see ideas acted upon by different artists. If there was a problem…everyone would be driving the exact same car, end of story right?

Checkout more work and contact J’field to order your own Iron Man Nike Dunks here at his website: