Custom Contest #4

There were 20 entries into the 4th Paint Or Thread Custom Contest. Once again showcasing a wide variety of skills and experience. After all the results were tabulated first, second, and third place winners are as follows:

First place Contestant H: Jessie Kavana “Carpe Diem” Nike Air Force 1

Second Place Contestant P: Lauren Seal Womens Converse Chuck Taylors

Third Place Contestant O: Desp1 of F&F Customz titled “Ele’Mint” Nike Dynasty High

All entrants below:

A: Name: Birju – AIR76
Description: Stan Smith Addidas, urban rusted background with assoted gears at the heel and a barbed wired fence on both sides of the shoe. Brown and white outlined mech with flat head screws at the front to simulate the metal theme.


C: The Bad Hatter by YoaKustoms

chuck taylor all star with acrylic paint …

customizer name : THE_BODAT

website :

any other information:
thebodat comes from Indonesia, I was an engineering student at the University of Trisakti.

E: Theses are “RisingSun” customs themed from the Japanese flag and culture. They display a samurai on the outsides of the shoes with floral and splatters design in the background. The insides feature a bonsai tree and 3 Japanese symbols. They read top to bottom as followed: Japan/Land of rising sun, and Samurai. I love the Japanese world so this was my tribute to it.

Name: mEberra (michael eberra)

F: By: Team Status Customs

Title: A Militaristic Approach
Description: Our service members are exposed to insecure situations daily and the stress placed on individuals,families and our nation is financially, physically, and spiritually taxing.  Does hiding behind a powerful military camouflage us from terrorism or expose us to international criticism? The answer isn’t black and white.

G: Mysterious Liquid Air Max 90

Imagine if you will the clear blue waters of the ocean. Now imagine if you could wear those clear blue waters on your feet! The “Mysterious Liquid” Air Max 90 makes that possible. The shoe contains an aqua and turquoise water-like pattern incorporated with streaks of black (the Mysterious Liquid maybe?) and is finished off with a bright yellow shade. (

H: Customizer Name: Jessie Kavana

Description: Started off as all white Nike Air Force Ones that I hand painted. Features a fade from royal blue to white using dots, as well as the quote, “Carpe Diem” written on the front of both sneakers. Details include painting of the seams, around the letters of the quote, and intricate lacing.


J: My name is John Ross from Harrisburg Pa. These are my Mike Jackson tribute custom af1s.

PLEASE “GO” to the following websites for custom sneaker, and artist updates:
@born2shineJRow on twitter
aim: johng3m1n1

K: I made these shoes for a Girl named Julayy. The pair doesn’t represent much, except artistic freedom. One shoe the two monkeys are in the jungle, and on the other shoe they are chillin’ in the city. I used bright colors, and even some glitter and crystal rhinestones to really make the shoe stand out.

L: artist    : donny k rutji
email   : [email protected]
title      : “sentimental da punk”
media  : sneaker acrylic paint and permanent sneaker marker (oil base)
year     : Februari 2010

I bored with animation, cartoon, or casual colour…… and then I see a punker through in front of me, I talk to him about everythings (of course art has been in conversation too)…. but he really like to talk about family, love, actual act, and social stuff….I think this guy is really rock….. by this conversation…punk, love in february valentine, social, mind, idea, sneaker concept , glam rock,etc…. I inspired to make this custom sneaker. I want to freeze that conversation and put them into my kicks so If I win ,I will give this shoes to him………………… thanks yo my punk

M: By Jonny Blaze

N: Customizer: Justbeast

Entry Name: The Amazing Spiderdunks

Description: The Amazing Spiderdunks were made to mimic Spiderman’s signature red and blue webbed costume, and feature comic book style panels with a light gloss finish, and a web pattern on the lace area and swoosh that appear when in the light.

O: They are called Ele’Mint Dynasty Hi. The kicks were a quickstrike edition so the leather was great to work with. I used 2 shades of Grey, Black, and Mint for the colorway. The sneakers feature dark grey midpanels, Black toe cap and heel panel, Mint swooshes and heel quarter panel. The lace and toe panels are done in a grey with dark grey Elephant print paint on top. The print is my own take on the elephant print used on Jordan sneakers so it is obviously different. Also hit up my blog ( for info on upcoming custom footwear from Desp1 of F&F Customs. Also hit up the twitter

P: Hi! My name is Lauren Seal and I am a student at the University of Mississippi. You have no idea how excited I was about finally finding somewhere to submit a pair of shoes I’ve done! These are girls converse high-tops, and I wanted to note that it is a cigarette in the mouth that’s on the shoe tongue. I wish I could have submitted more pictures so that you could see all the sides-I hope you enjoy them!

Q: The theme for this custom is “Envy”. The colors Lilac and Black is used to represent the nature of “Envy”. The depiction starts from the back of the shoe, where the lilac slowly changes gradually to the toe box and becomes full black. The lilac represents the start, envy is conceived and begins to grows in a humans heart and when it becomes full black, shows the action of evilness a human will take when envy takes over them.

The patterns in the middle section between the lilac and the black shows the complexity of envy. This part represents the process of the human mind and the struggles of what they are thinking when envy starts to grow.

My website is:

customizer name: hziii

facebook page:


S: “Starry Night”


Name: Revive Customs

Title: “Stunts, Blunts and Hip-Hop”

This shoe was created to honor the 1992 rap album by Diamond D. and his crew; the Psychotic Neurotics. The air jordan 7’s were worn by Diamond D. on the cover. This album in particular was chosen as inspiration because it represents the golden age of hip hop and its influence on sneaker culture.