Custom Burnt Kangaroo DC Shoes by Chase Shiel


The genre of reconstruction customizations seems to be growing faster than anything in custom sneakers. But the reality is that these recon, cut & sew, whatever you wish to call it is really just distant cousin to the art of making footwear. Of course the scene is really made up of existing shoes being rebuilt with drops of new fabrication seen sparingly. With this growth is exposure to different techniques. One that goes back probably further than recorded history is the use of hand sewn techniques. But hand sewing sneakers? Yeah right.

With an uncommon base Chase Shiel is proving it is more than possible to reconstruct a pair of sneakers by hand . With a classic DC Shoe skate model as his disposal Chase brought together a mix of high quality leathers and fur. A light leather with burn marks makes up the front toe box with a darker chocolate shade of leather for the back three quarters. Kangaroo fur lines the tongues as well as the mid panels where the classic DC logo can be seen burnt into the fibers. The entire pair is held together with a combination of straight and cross stitch patterns.

This piece is a 1 of 1 and available in Mens US size 10 via:

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