Custom Breaking Bad Shoes by Sink or Swim Kicks


Could you name one scene that sums up the entire series of Breaking Bad? During the 5th season’s opening episode so much came to fruition in the final few minutes. The phrase “Tread Lightly” will forever be ingrained to a generation of fans as the words that brought a character’s secret to the light and his whole plan down. Those words spoken to Hank by Walt set the tone for the second half of the final season and inspired Jill Forie of Sink or Swim Custom Kicks on this pair of Vans.

The staple all white Vans Slip Ons feature a hand drawn and painted shot of Walter White on the right shoe with his Heisenberg character’s composite sketch of black hat and sunglasses on the left. Throughout the rest of the shoes Jill painted nods to Hank Schrader, the Blue Magic, A1A Car Wash, the Gale thank you note, and Walt’s famous quote under the two portraits. A design that ties together the first two halves of the 5th season of Breaking Bad. Here’s hoping we see Jill make a pair based on the “Felina” episode.

These will forever be a 1 of 1 by Sink or Swim but you can contact her for your own pair at: or follow on Instagram: @SinkOrSwimKicks