How To Custom Airbrush Paint Vans with Vinyl Stencils

Have you been wondering how some customizers use vinyl stencils to make their clean work? As much as we love originality over copying designs it’s hard to pass up a sharing a good sneaker tutorial. Once again customizer Sophiesophss has given beginning and maybe even some pro customizers a great custom sneaker tutorial. This time Sophie shows step by step on how to custom paint sneakers with an airbrush and vinyl stencils. The design in this video is a take on the over popular and overhyped Fear of God branded Vans. The all over print was recreated rather on point instead of paying the crazy resale prices these F.O.G. Vans go for on the secondary market. All we hope is that instead of recreating this brands graphics go ahead and give the world something new.

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Disclaimer: With any sneaker customization results may vary. Sneakers are made of various materials that require different media and processes to complete a durable, wearable customization. The information above is offered as a suggestion of how to achieve the stated look. Any tools or materials used are not endorsed by PaintOrThread unless otherwise stated. We always recommend you attempt any customization on a pair of shoes you don’t care to ruin before working on a brand new pair. The best work is achieved through personal trial and error.