Color Swap Saturday #1: UNDFTD, Salmon Toes, Tiffany and more

One of the easier “concepts” in the custom sneaker world is that of the color swap. It involves the customizing a pair of sneakers into a different colorway based on an officially released colorway of a different model of shoes. Even though the creativity needed to complete a color swap is basic, the skills needed to pull off a decent end result take some practice to achieve.

Here at PaintOrThread we like to promote creative, fresh, new ideas more than the same repetitive ideas. As much as it may be tiresome the color swap concept has been a cornerstone of the custom sneaker game for over a decade. So look towards Color Swap Saturday compiled posts from here on out showcasing the latest color swap customizations. Just maybe you’ll see a color swap through out the week but they’ll be damn good. Damn good.

Check out the list of color swap customs we came across this week by clicking the blue arrows above or below!