Clash of the Customizers: Yoakustoms vs. Sharp020

Due to luck of the draw the first ever Clash of the Customizers custom shoe tournament had quite a few matchups of shoe customizers with very different approaches and skill sets. That difference being either a customizer that usually paints against a customizer that usually deconstructs and reconstructs the entire shoe. From the previous post you can see that was true in the first semi final matchup, no suprise the 2nd semi final was just the same. Yoakustoms creating an extremely detailed hand painted Nike Dunk custom based on the theme of Aya Tara known as the female Buddha went up against the factory like skills of Sharp020 who made a “decon-recon” of the Nike P-Rod in turquoise and black with croc and lenticular materials.

Checkout each in more detail and see who won HERE!