Clash of the Customizers: mr.bbgambini v. jest3R

A couple weeks ago the first semi final of the Clash of Customizers custom shoe tournament took place. After surviving a 3 rounds mr. bbgambini of Mateo Acrylics took on jest3R of 3R customs. Painted design versus “decon-recon”. mr. bbgambini came with a Nike Air Force 1 customized titled “Red Sea” with a red monotone design covered with combination of 3 patterns while jest3R created one of the first Nike Air Force 1 High “recon-decons” ever. Using a theme of the popular UNDFTD short for Undefeated, a high end boutique sneaker store in Los Angeles and Las Vegas he created an original upper made of the stores shopping bags and komodo dragon skin. Look out PETA!

Check who won the battle and more photos HERE!