Clash of the Customizers: KustomKid vs. qustomqueen

This clash literally took on a life of its own amongst the public voting forum in the Sole Collector lounge. Up to this point the voting and commentary had gone smooth. But one of the contestants of this clash took it upon himself to create a whole new username to argue and stand up for his own work.

So in this clash KustomKid’s “Thor” inspired Air Force 1s went up against QustomQueens Michael Jackson Moonwalker Supra Skytops. The public voting was close but the judge voting not. KustomKid came with a well painted box and subtle design based on Thor but QustomQueen used her heat sensitive color changing magic to recreate one of the most well known color changing phenomenons, Michael Jackson.

QustomQueen took away the win and the 2nd round trip while KustomKid lost most of any online dignity he had going.

360 degree views HERE!