Clash of the Customizers: Kawooool vs. Interaxionne

The good and bad thing about the clash is that so people that end up losing in the first round could have easily beat other participants if they were lined up differently. That is easily the case in this clash between Kawooool and his decon-recon Dunk low “Rome II” inspired by a painting by Al Held up against Interaxionne’s “Genesis” recon-decon Dunk high inspired by Ferrari and Micheal Jordan’s Suzuki motorsports affiliation. Nearly perfect factory work by both could have easily beaten most of the other competitors. Interaxionne’s Genesis is going to need a whole new title than just a decon-recon because he actually created an entire new upper. Any suggestions? decon-create? In the end the winner was Interaxionne moving on to the 2nd round.

360 degree view HERE!