Clash of the Customizers: jest3R v. Red0004

Say what you want but there is a difference in skills needed to paint and “decon-recon” a shoe. Arguements both ways go to which is more difficult. But right now I’d have to say “decon-recon” in general is a bit harder to learn and master, no one has “mastered” it yet but some are close. So what happens when two quality customizers that merely “decon-recon” themselves go up against each other? Another tough decision for judges that’s what.

Jest3R of 3R customs went up against Red0004 of Brad Douglas customs. A Nike Dunk fitted with an entire new upper and soccer cleates against a Italian red leather Supra Skytop with Brad’s signature zippers. Red0004 came with a good effort but Jest3r’s creativity took the win.

Check them out here in 360 degrees!