Clash of the Customizers: jest3R round 2

So jest3R the guy running the contest got through with a bye? Sounds fishy. But wait do not worry he can be trusted, why else would we let him run the contest and give me our approval by sending him shoes? No reason I can think of. He could have saved this pair for the next round but instead decided to showcase them now. His round 3 opponent better bring something crazy.

jest3R brought one of the best customs so far with a Nike Dunk “decon-recon” inspired by the streetwear brand theHundreds. With a back and toe panels that match theHundreds style and their Adam Bomb character stitched into the shoe as if it were pro sports jersey logo, subtle perforated TH on the toes and perfect tongue tags with the logo. Did I mention he put these all together from scratch really. He is better than you. Good day sir.

360 degree view HERE!