Charlotte Hornets Air Jordan V by DeJesus Custom Footwear

How many years will it be until a team like the Charlotte Hornets are all only allowed to wear Air Jordans? The reason being is Mr. Jordan has owned a majority of the Charlotte NBA franchise since 2010. Or at least maybe this season one of the players could end up in some kicks like these custom Air Jordan V Charlotte Hornets edition by DeJesus Custom Footwear.

Using the “Grape” edition of the AJ V retro, DeJesus pretty much covered the entire white upper in the Hornets’ signature purple and teal. Two versions of the teams newest logos were painted on the medial sides with crisp precision. To continue to play off the shoes already matching midsoles the upper was airbrushed in a combination of patterns of a honey comb print and the signature elephant print in gray seen on many a Jordan classics. Black out the midsole netting and plastic eyelets and these are complete.

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