Channel One Nike Air Force 1 High by Revive Customs

Sometimes customized shoes are like pictures and are worth 1000 words. In celebration the 5th year anniversary of his ever popular Channel Zero Nike Dunks Evan of Revive Customs painted this unique pair of “Channel One” Nike Air Force 1 Highs. The Channel Zero Dunks were a design inspired by the multicolored television test card or test pattern used when a channel transmitter is active but no program is being shown for whatever reason. Over the past five years the shoes received plenty of fan fare online even being mass produced as a fake knockoff by factories in Asia. In creating this next version Evan stepped up and possibly surpassed the greatness that was set with Ch. 0. Once again he used a test card as the main design inspiration, well actually two cards: the Indian Head test card named for the Native American silhouette on the top and the Philips Pattern which can be seen painted on toes and heels in a grid and blocks of colors. To go with the vintage look of the graphics the black Swooshes were given a worn grunge look with rough patches and frayed stitching. The right outer ankle panel shows the image of the Indian Head test card while the left has a cow in place of the headdress wearing Native American. Those two images are where the picture like 1000 words really start adding up. Evan said he dedicates part of this shoes design to his recent film teacher in a class about western movies so that is where the imagery of the Indian Head test card and the cow head come into play but also stand for some deeper views from Evan:

Those two things in my vision have represented some of the feelings I’ve been having over the past year. The Indian Head for me represents racial discrimination and the cattle represents mass consumption. In western movies and American history, Native Americans were booted out of their own territory and as for the cattle motif, it shows how destructive our human population has been in the past few centuries towards the environment, even just the general numbers of how many cows are slaughtered to feed our stomachs is simply ridiculous.

Next time you see a pair of customs sneakers take a second look to see if they really stand for more than whats in your vision.

These are a 1 of 1 design available in size 12 email Evan here: [email protected] or view his website:


Philips Test Card and Indian Head Test Card via

The Channel Zero Nike Dunks by Revive Customs in 2006