Cement Elephant Print Air Jordan VI Retro Custom by IVII

Some custom shoes take days, weeks, and months worth of time, reworking the entire shoe. Others are a subtle change over a few hours with a design that plays off a majority of the shoes original colorway. This elephant print Air Jordan VI retro custom painted by Swiss graphic designer David Berguglia also known as IVII, is made of one of those subtle changes. What started off as the black/varsity red Air Jordan VI retro from 2010, was created because, in the words of David “I like the elephant print, I think it is a really strong, esthetic and symbolic pattern and the Jordan VI is my favorite shoe.” His goal was to combine both the shoes and print in a simple way, discrete elephant print…not too much. The change was made in painting the original varsity red on the midsoles and stripes on the heel tabs into a cement/black elephant print. This is for certain one pair where the painting of elephant print is spot on looking like the real thing. How do these compare to the “True Blue” elephant print Air Jordan VI by El Cappy Customz posted last week?

Checkout more sneaker culture related art or contact David aka IVII via his site here: http://www.ivii.ch/