Cement Custom Nike Air Flight 89 by Ecentrik Artistry

What would the legacy of “elephant print” have been if instead of the 1988 Air Jordan III featuring the look it was the Nike Air Flight 89? Praaaabbably would not have seen itself take the forefront in the mid 2000’s as Nikes most used print. Heck Nike even made this Air Flight 89 model look just like that Air Jordan III back in a 2003 retro. Though until maybe some influencer like Kanye West denounces elephant print it will always have its stand in sneakers and especially customs.

This latest is an offering from Ecentrik Artistry who applies the cement gray colored pattern on the toes and mid section for a K.I.S.S. kinda custom. These are available to order in MENS sizes from his shop for a limited time. A great example for someone that wants to buy a custom, maybe their first, but is not ready to spend a super premium price.

Find them for order via EcentrikArt.net and be sure to follow them on Twitter: @EcentrikShoeArt