C2 Customs Nike Air Force 1s for Minnesota University’s Goldy Gopher

University of Minnesota student Chris Hui aka C2 was recently put to the test by his school to create a pair of custom sneakers for the school’s mascot Goldy Gopher to wear during the 2010 NCAA Mascot Competition at Disney World in Orlando, Florida. Chris explains how the Minnesota student body and the crazy game day fans inspired the Nike Air Force 1s design during this timelapse video below. As well after being featured as a Minnesota University business student last year he finally made it to the schools homepage as a main featured article, Hui said that page gets 4 million visits a month! You can read the article here: University of Minnesota Chris Hui: A Fine Line

To order a pair of custom sneakers from C2 Customs visit his website here: C2Customs.com

A twit pic of the shoes from Goldy Gopher himself