C2 Customs Nike Air Force 1 Custom for TheAppleKid.com

In the spring Chris Hui of C2 Customs was invited to the 2010 Apple Education Leadership Summit where he met a bunch of other young entreprenuers and creative minds. One of which was 12 year old Aaron Hill known as The Apple Kid. Through his site, www.theapplekid.com Hill offers a personalized service and how to for all of Apple’s products. This business has allowed him to be able to purchase many Apple products on his own including a Macbook Pro, iPod, iPhone, an iPad and now a pair of C2 customs. C2 and Hill agreed on a four color paint splatter that can been seen on the back heel panels along with the C2 logos. The logos on the toes make it an official Apple Kid design collaboration with C2 customs. The concept of a splattered paint custom shoe design is nothing new but if it can be executed this well it is always a great piece of work.

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