C2 Customs is who those of you wanting to start customizing should strive to be like

C2 started out young, about in 8th grade, maybe younger.(C2 correct me if I’m wrong!) Had an easy to remember brand name and slowly mastered his style of work. Before he knew it he was getting featured in magazines like Time, Slam, and Complex. He was also asked to make customs for the Lebron showcase for Sole Collector back on the Lebron II’s. Remember back when Sole Collector had all those “sneaker competitions”? Truthfully the customizer entries were the only actual competition because anyone with money could buy any rare shoe they want, but that is another story for another post. Well little ol C2 won as National Champion. The rest is history, he could have stopped there and been satisfied at like 17 years old, but where’s the fun in that? C2 is still on his grind and that can be seen here with one of his latest customs, the “Carbonator” Nike Terminator. Featured is a red carbon fiber upper, nylon tongues, even the stitching is on the red carbon. Clean, subtle, K.I.S.S. AND they are still for sale. If C2’s story didn’t inspire you, check his website to see his work and imagine that could be you with a little bit of years of hard work.

C2 Custom’s Website

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C2 Carbonator Terminators
C2 "Carbonator" Terminators