Bruce Lee adidas Campus 80s Custom by Benji Blunt

As more and more people give their shot at cutomizing sneakers it is pairs like this really set the bar for what is a high quality custom. In a tribute to Bruce Lee artist Benji Blunt elevates the iconic red, yellow, and black color scheme associated with the legendary martial artist and actor.  Even more interesting is the use of a not often seen customized adidas Campus 80s.

An upgraded vintage gold, dark red and black cover the all leather sneaker mainly through the upper picturing “theatrical Chinese dragon scales” while solid colors cover the toes, lace panel, stripes and heel tabs. Many would stop there but Benji Blunt continued with a reconstructed pig skin suede and Italian leather tongue with a golden silhouette of Lee from “The Big Boss” film. Next the insoles feature logos of the company Golden Harvest whom helped introduce Lee’s films to the West. As a typical custom from Blunt goes detailed laces with graphics and a fully custom box are standard. Yet this last detail of a set of nun chucks engraved into the midsoles when joined at the heel is what puts them as an obvious high quality custom.

As these are likely a 1 of 1, you can still check more or order your own custom from Benji Blunt at and follow him on Instagram: @BenjiBlunt

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