Breaking Bad Tread Lightly Vans by Off The Wall Customs

If there ever was a TV show that could be imortalized in fan art more than Breaking Bad I’d sure like to hear of it. The Internet has already seen numerous mediums of that art but of course PaintOrThread might be biased but custom sneakers automatically top them all. Off The Wall Art used the shows three main identities for this pair of Vans Slip Ons titled “Tread Lightly” after Walter White’s now infamous quote to his brother in-law Hank Schrader.

Those first two identities are the aforementioned Walter with his cohort Jesse Pinkman in a black silhouette across each shoe. While the third is the shows other lead the Blue Sky aka Big Blue aka Blue Magic aka Fring’s Blue. Whatever it may be called the signature blue meth makes up the background with a detailed shattered blue look. To finish them off the titles Br and Ba elements symbols cover the back heels.

These are likely a 1 of 1 batch but you can contact OTW for your own personal pair on Facebook at: Off The Wall Art or on Instagram: @OTWcustoms