Border Patrol Air Jordan 3 Custom Shoes by Dank Customs


Proof that the so called “sneaker culture” is growing daily can be seen right here in this Border Patrol Air Jordan III custom by Dank Customs. For the first time there is a sneaker show in Laredo, TX called Kickin’ It On The Border taking place this Saturday August 11th, 2012. To celebrate the occasion Jake aka jwdanklefs souped up this former “Stealth” AJ III to look like a United States government issued sneaker for the US Border Patrol since Laredo is one of 20 sectors patrolled by the USBP. If you are in the area I’d make sure to try and make it out since this 1 of 1 custom will be a raffle giveaway during the show.

The previously gray upper and elephant print were given a covering of military green a la the federal law enforcement agency’s uniforms. Upon the tongues an patch of the US Border Patrol logo was added that is usually seen on the left shoulder of the agent. To top them off the back Jumpman logos were painted bright yellow to match the logo lettering.

Checkout more from Jake of Dank Customs on his blog: or if you are in South Texas find more about the show here:

This Air Jordan 3 “Stealth” before painted by jwdanklefs: