BLVisuals Is Expert Level For Marbled Painted Shoes

BLVisuals, short for Black Light Visuals, brings their expert marbling skills to footwear on these renditions of marbled painted shoes. If you take a look at the world of sneaker customizing you’ll mostly find people on the surface when it comes to different artistic techniques. There is a lot of painting by hand and airbrush, but after that, not many are branching out into other ways to apply their ideas. A perfect example is this technique of paper marbling that has been around for thousands of years. Only recently have we come across a few people taking this to sneakers. They are likely not the first but Black Light Visuals is doing it the best.

A scroll through their Instagram finds Vans, Converse, and Nikes with their take on the marbling look. Much of their work is created at events where people dip marble their arms for a momentary look at music festivals and fairs. BL offers the same look to customers looking to upgrade their clothing, hats, and shoes. From the photos, you can see how detailed the marbled lines get with multiple colors and of course a great effect under the black light!

You can send your own kicks or apparel for the marble painting to BL by contacting them on their site: and be sure to follow them on Instagram to see what festival they are at next: @BLVisuals
Marble painted shoes BLvisuals Marble painted shoes BLvisuals Marble painted shoes BLvisuals Marble painted shoes BLvisuals