Blink 182 Travis Barker Custom Vans by Kjersti Faret

Ever since winning a trip to California as a finalist for the 2010 Vans Custom Culture Contest, Kjersti Faret has discovered a passion to customize shoes. Usually for herself or in the case of these Blink 182 Vans, for the occasional customer. Given complete freedom over the design Kjersti choose to use the cover art from the bands album of the same name, Blink 182 that released in 2003 and the left shoe a portrait of the bands most well known member, drummer Travis Barker. Each shoe was of course hand painted after being sketched out in pencil first. The logo is spot on already having that hand painted look while the portrait is complete with Barker’s tattoos.  Checkout out the progress photos below.

Visit Kjersti’s blog here: or email her a request for your own custom sneakers: kferret23[at]